Why Portable?

If you’re looking for the world’s most portable, adaptable, simple and innovative fresh drinking water station, meetpat.


Why Permanent?

meetpat’s permanent product portfolio is versatile, inclusive and completely customisable. We even cater for pets.


Good Looking, Long Lasting

Questions we’re often asked

Are meetpat products easy to install?

Absolutely! meetpat has a hassle-free setup. Portable meetpat comes with an easy setup guide for you to set up onsite. Permanent meetpat is installed by our highly skilled engineers.

Can I customise meetpat to match my brand?

Yes! meetpat has customisable branding panels, allowing you to showcase your brand identity on our hydration stations. Personalise it to stand out at your events or venues.

What sets meetpat apart from traditional water stations?

meetpat combines style, sustainability, and innovation. Its modern design, portability, and smart technology make it a standout choice for hydration solutions.

Can I connect multiple meetpat machines together at my event?

Absolutely! Connecting multiple meetpat machines is simple, allowing you to create a bank of hydration stations. We use a joiner kit which we can provide you with.


Sporting Events

Keep athletes at their peak with meetpat’s water stations at sporting events.

Festivals and Entertainment

Enhance the festival experience with meetpat’s convenient hydration options for attendees.

Arenas and Public Spaces

Ensure hydration accessibility for all in arenas and public areas with meetpat’s versatile solutions.

Construction Sites

Stay refreshed and productive on construction sites with meetpat’s durable hydration stations.

Schools and Universities

Promote hydration and well-being in educational settings with meetpat’s innovative hydration solutions.

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